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Monday, February 14, 2011

Time on the Bus- CityBus


Two people wait
Hand and hand for the bus
It does not matter
How long they wait
They just want
To be together
As long as they can
And, it cheaper then gas

It might take an hour
To get to where they’re going
But they don’t care
They just want to be together
And, might find friends
Or others they can talk with

When they reach their stop
They ring the bell
And get off
It might take a wile
To get where they’re going
But they don’t care

Poem by Jennifer Hoover

NOTE: Katy ask us if we would do a story on both of us riding the bus for Transite travel for V-Day.

Mark can drive but can’t take passengers right now.
Riding the bus is a good way for us to get around when we can’t have rides.
We just like being together as much as we can.
I meet him in Special Olympics in 2009.
He was shy, so I had to ask him out.
We went skating on our first date.
As we wanted to do more things, we rode the bus.
We take each other out to eat on each other’s birthdays.
We are still thinking of new things to do.

I prayed to God that I might find someone. All it takes is time, like I found Mark. He started in Special Olympics swimming and said to him-self “I wonder if she will go out with me”. I got a crush on him at Special Olympics Vacation Club and it took me a few months to get up the courage to ask him out.

Jennifer is a sickle fritz; a cross between a bug-a-boo and a rumple-stick. She makes my live a room of content-being there when I vent. On the bus we figure out what we like, and what to do in our lives, we have fun on our rides.

By: Jennifer Hoover & Mark Schwieterman

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