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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Once and a lifetime

Once and a lifetime comes along
A chance to meet that special someone
That when you get a hold of them
You can't let them go

You might be looking for them now
When you stop looking
You will find the one
You were meet to be with

It might take you
Your whole life
But pray to God
And, He will answer you
Not in the way
You would like
But He will give you little hints
You will find your way
Just wate and see

It did for me...

I always got crushes on guys it seemed at places I worked at ever time. I don't know what it was that made me do that. It seemed liked I could not control it. That it was controlling me unwilling. Then I read an article in Oprah. Simple: Write a list of what you want in a partner 1 - whatever and put it away somewhere where you will forget about it. And, let God take care of the rest.

Here's mine as an example for you. NOTE: underline came true for me

1.      I will meet him at Church, Special Olympics, or YMCA.
2.      I can say anything around him and not have to think about it.
3.      He will do almost everything that’s green (good for the earth).
4.      I can do anything, and be myself, and not afraid at all around him.
5.      I will not be afraid the first time I meet him.
6.      Brown eyes
7.      Brown hair
8.      M boned
9.      Like’s me for who I am.
10.  He is a christen like me.
11.  He’s in Special Olympics like me.
12.  He will do all things in Special Olympics with me.
13.  Willing to give me time in till I’m comfortable around him.
14.  He will want me to do new things that don’t make me scared.
15.  His wants are my wants.
16.  I would like for us to almost have all or the same things in common.
17.  Teach me new things.
18.  He has to have a passion for romance.
19.  Like to look at the stars.
20.  He has to wait to kiss me when I least expect it and other things like that.
21.  He has to understand I am still searching for what I want out of life.
22.  He has to understand my room is a mess because I have no idea how to improve my life.
23.  He will want me to change my life around (slowly).
24.  He will want me to clean my life up and move out someday (slowly).
25.  I want him to be a little smarter then me.  Like, the crushes I had in the past.
26.  I want him to be kind, considerate, passionate, sweet, sanative, and others.
27.  I want to be able to learn from him just as he learns form me.
28.  He knows how to handle money better then me.
29.  If there is marriage, he has to know it might take me a long time to change my ways.
30.  He will drive a hybrid (Green) car

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